Monday, December 4, 2006

Stegosaurus Dinosaur

Yarn needle and strand of yarn needed to make dinosaur spikes.

Cast on 34

01. BORDER (B)
02. B
03. B
04. B
05. B3, K28, B3
06. B3, P28, B3
07. B3, K28, B3
08. B3, P28, B3
09. B3, K28, B3
10. B3, P9, K2, P4, K2, P11, B3
11. B3, K28, B3
12. B3, P9, K3, P3, K3 ,P3, K5, P2, B3
13. B3, K28, B3
14. B3, P7, K2, P1, K2, P1, K2, P1, K2, P1, K6, P3, B3
15. B3, K28, B3
16. B3, P6, K17, P5, B3
17. B3, K28, B3
18. B3, P5, K16, P7, B3
19. B3, K28, B3
20. B3, P5, K15, P8, B3
21. B3, K28, B3
22. B3, P4, K3, P2, K11, P8
23. B3, K28, B3
24. B3, P4, K2, P3, K10, P9, B3
25. B3, K28, B3
26. B3, P4, K2, P3, K10, P9, B3
27. B3, K28, B3
28. B3, P3, K3, P4 ,K8, P10, B3
29. B3, K28, B3
30. B3, P2, K5, P4, K6, P11, B3
31. B3, K28, B3
32. B3, P3, K3, P6, K3, P13, B3
33. B3, K28, B3
34. B3, P3, K3, P23, B3
35. B3, K28, B3
36. B3, P4, K1, P23, B3
37. B3, K28, B3
38. B3, P28, B3
39. B3, K28, B3
40. B3, P28, B3
41. B3, K28, B3
42. B3, P28, B3
43. B3, K28, B3
44. B3, P28, B3
45. B
46. B
47. B
48. B

You will need to make five spikes. See placement in photo. Start with top spike leaving enough yarn to go back and do the first spike on the left.

To start:
Pull yarn through from back at top left corner of dinosaur hump. Thread yarn behind stitch three up and to the right one and bring back to front. One strand made. This is the top of your triangle. Now, take needle under that first strand right to left, bring over the top of the strand and under the working yarn. Pull snug enough. Knot made. Finish second strand forming the triangle by inserting needle through cloth to the back at the top right corner of the hump. Bring yarn back to the front a half stitch to the right and begin making second through fourth triangles. Weave in end. Rethread needle with tail left at beginning triangle and make one triangle to the left. You’ll have to reverse the knot since you are working the other direction. Weave in ends.

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