Sunday, December 3, 2006

Galloping Holli

#7 Knitting Needles
1 Skein 100% Cotton Yarn
(For more “square” cloth, add 2-4 rows at beginning and end of cloth)
Cast On 43

1-6 Knit Across
7 K3, P37, K3
8 Knit Across
9 K3, P37, K3
10 Knit Across
11 K3, P37, K3
12 Knit Across
13 K3, P4, K29, P4, K3
14 K3, K3, P31, K3, K3
15 K3, P3, K1, P1, K2, P24, K2, P1, K1, P2, K3
16 K3, K4, P3, K22, P3, K5, K3
17 K3, P5, K3, P22, K3, P4, K3
18 K3, K5, P4, K19, P4, K5, K3
19 K3, P6, K4, P17, K4, P6, K3
20 K3, K7, P4, K15, P4, K7, K3
21 K3, P8, K4, P13, K4, P8, K3
22 K3, K9, P4, K11, P4, K9, K3
23 K3, P10, K4, P9, K4, P10, K3
24 K3, K11, P15, K11, K3
25 K3, P11, K15, P11, K3
26 K3, K10, P17, K10, K3
27 K3, P11, K15, P11, K3
28 K3, K10, P17, K10, K3
29 K3, P11, K15, P11, K3
30 K3, K11, P6, K7, P4, K9, K3
31 K3, P8, K4, P9, K6, P3, K4, P3, K3
32 K3, K2, P6, K1, P6, K8, P7, K7, K3
33 K3, P8, K5, P10, K11, P3, K3
34 K3, K4, P9, K12, P3, K9, K3
35 K3, P9, K1, P1, K1, P13, K7, P5, K3
36 K3, K6, P5, K26, K3
37 K3, P27, K3, P7, K3
38 K3, K7, P3, K27, K3
39 K3, P29, K2, P6, K3
40 K3, K7, P1, K29, K3
41 K3, P37, K3
42 Knit Across
43 K3, P37, K3
44 Knit Across
45 K3, P37, K3
46-51 Knit Across

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